Why you need a Wedding Planner…TiamoTisposo

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“Time” is today’s critical phenomenon and global producers are daily innovating the perks for their customers. Your wedding planner could be your biggest perk in terms of time when it comes to preparing & designing your wedding.


First of all consider your real time. How many hours per week do you spend in your job? How many hours you dedicate to your hobbies (gym, partner, books, cooking, children, etc..) ? What’s left is the real number of hour per week you will have for organizing your wedding. Honestly, it will take a minimum of 9 – 12 months in your life, less intensive at the beginning and completely time-consuming towards to the end…a few weeks before the wedding.
A wedding planner will SAVE A LOT OF YOUR PRECIOUS TIME!
Of course, you will have to communicate with your wedding planner because he or she can’t make decisions for you. Moreover, if your fiancé can’t help with the wedding preparations, you still have someone to talk to about it and get advice. The other huge Plus: your wedding planner will be there for you all day on the D Day.

On your wedding day your role is to be simply a bride, just like your fiancé’s role is to be a groom. You take care of yourself, your new husband and your guests and your wedding planner takes care of everything else. Don’t let the problems and logistics of the day fall on your Mom or even worse – on yourself. Wedding is a major EVENT of your life and with the help of a professional you can enjoy it for 100 %.



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