Italy Phase 2: Travel and Movement


Travel to and from abroad from  May 18 to June 2
Until June 2, 2020, travel to and from abroad by public and private transport is prohibited, unless:

  • for proven work needs of absolute urgency
  • for health reasons
  • further cases identified by the relevant measures.
  • returning to your home, domicile, or legal residence.

Travel to and from abroad from  June 3
From June 3, 2020, travel to and from abroad is permitted.

Movements may only be restricted by measures taken in relation to specific States and territories, in accordance with the principles of adequacy and proportionality to the epidemiological risk and in compliance with the constraints arising from EU law and international obligations.

Travel between the Vatican City State or the Republic of San Marino and neighbouring regions
Travel between the Vatican City State or the Republic of San Marino and neighbouring regions are not subject to any restrictions.

For further information please refer to:


Until June 2, whoever intends to enter Italy by air, sea, lake, rail or land transport or by private means, is required, for the purpose of access to the service, to deliver to the carrier a detailed and clear certification upon boarding, in order to allow verification by carriers or shipowners, to:

  • reasons for travelling
  • full address of the house or dwelling in Italy where the period of health surveillance and  fiduciary isolation will be carried out
  • any private means of transport that will be employed to travel
  • Landline or mobile telephone number where communications can be received during the entire period of health surveillance and fiduciary isolation.

All travellers entering Italy, even if asymptomatic, are obliged to immediately notify the Prevention Department of the competent territorial health service and are subject to health surveillance and fiduciary isolation for a period of fourteen days at the home or residence stated at the time of boarding.

In the event of the onset of COVID-19 symptoms, travellers are obliged to report this situation promptly to the Health Authority via the dedicated telephone numbers.

Obligations for carriers and shipowners

Carriers and shipowners shall obtain and verify the documentation required from travellers before boarding, taking care to take temperature measurements of individual passengers and forbidding boarding in case of fever, as well as because of incomplete documentation.

Carriers and shipowners are also required to adopt any necessary measures to ensure at all times an interpersonal distance of at least one meter between passengers during the journey, and to promote the use of individual means of protection by the crew and passengers, providing clear directions concerning  any situations in which such protections may be temporarily removed. Air carriers shall ensure that all passengers without protection are provided with personal protective equipment upon boarding.

The above provisions shall not apply to:

  • transport crew
  • travelling personnel belonging to companies with registered offices in Italy
  • health personnel entering Italy to practice activities connected to their professional health qualifications, including temporary practice
  • cross-border workers entering and leaving the national territory for proven reasons of work and the consequent return to their residence, dwelling or homestay.

Learn more:

3. Are foreign nationals required to observe the same travel limitations as Italian citizens?

Yes, the restrictions to travel and movement apply to all persons in or entering/exiting Italy, regardless of their nationality.

Covid19: Containment Measures in Italy- Phase 2

The Decree-law of May 16, 2020, n. 33  outlines the framework of the so-called “Phase 2”. These measures apply from  May 18 to July 3, 2020.

The decree defines the new prevention and containment measures for co-existing with the coronavirus during the resumption of productive, commercial, and social activities.



It is forbidden to citizens with a respiratory infection characterized by fever (higher than 37.5° C) to leave their home or place of residence. These citizens are required to immediately contact their doctor.

The gathering of people in public places or places open to the public is prohibited.

It is forbidden to citizens who are subject to quarantine by order of the health authority to leave their home or place of residence

Sports events and competitions of any order and discipline, in public or private places, are suspended.

All conference or convention activities are suspended.


Access to parks, villas and public gardens is allowed, subject to strict compliance with the ban on assembly, as well as with the interpersonal safety distance of at least one metre; minors are allowed access, even together with family members or other persons habitually living together or in charge of their care, to play areas in parks, villas and public gardens, to carry out outdoor leisure or recreational activities.

Outdoors sports and exercise activities are permitted, also in equipped areas and public parks, where accessible, provided that the interpersonal safety distance of at least two metres for the sports activity and at least one metre for any other activity is respected, unless the presence of an accompanying person is necessary for minors or persons who are not completely self-sufficient.

Training sessions for professional and non-professional athletes, individual and team sports are allowed, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any gathering, behind closed doors. Only athletes, professionals and non-professionals, recognized as being of national interest by the Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI), the Italian Paralympic Committee (CIP) and their respective federations, with a view to their participation in competitions at national and international level, may travel from one region to another, subject to being summoned by the federation to which they belong.

Public events shall be permitted or held, only in static form, provided that the prescribed social distances and other restraint measures are observed.

Access to places of worship is permitted, avoiding assembly of large groups and taking into account the size and characteristics of the facilities, which must guarantee a distance of at least one metre between visitors.

Religious functions with the participation of people are permitted, in compliance with the protocols signed by the Government and the respective confessions, containing the appropriate measures to prevent the risk of contagion.

Museums and other cultural institutes are open and their services are guaranteed, taking into account the size and characteristics of the premises open to the public, as well as the visitors flow, with restricted access and avoiding large crowds, by ensuring a on metre minimum distance between visitors.

Educational/school activities carried out remotely are permitted.

From May 20, 2020, courses and theory/practice tests carried out by the Department of Motor Vehicles and driving schools will resume.

From May 25, 2020, basic sports activities and general training/exercise activities are permitted in gyms, swimming pools, sports centres and clubs, both public and private, or in other facilities, where activities aimed at the wellbeing of the individual are carried out through physical exercise, in compliance with the rules of social distancing and without any assembly.

From June 15, 2020, performances open to the public in theatres, concert halls, cinemas and other open-air spaces with pre-assigned and distanced seats are permitted, ensuring respect for the interpersonal distance of at least one metre for both staff and audience, with a maximum number of 1000 spectators for outdoor performances and 200 people for indoor performances, for each individual hall. The Regions and Autonomous Provinces may set a different date, in relation to the epidemiological situation in their own territories.

It is also advised that all citizens respect simple preventive recommendations.


Starting from May 18, economic, productive, and social activities are resuming, in compliance with protocols and/or guidelines aimed at preventing or reducing contagion.

To ensure that the activities are carried out safely, Regions will monitor the epidemiological situation in their territories daily. Conditions and suitability of each regional health system shall be reassessed accordingly, in relation to the development of the epidemiological situation in the regional territory. The situation shall be ascertained according to the criteria established by the Decree of the Minister of Health, April 20, 2020.

Each Region, after informing the Minister of Health, may introduce derogatory, extensive, or restrictive measures.

The following activities will remain closed:

– Skiing facilities

– Amusement arcades, betting, and bingo halls

– Activities taking place in dance halls, discotheques and similar premises, outdoor or indoor

– Trade fairs and congress facilities

– Wellness centres, spas (except for the provision of services falling within the essential levels of care)

– Activities taking place in cultural and social centres.

Picture by Andreas Pinacci Photo @andreaspinacciphoto

6 motivi per cui sposarsi al Palacio de Cibeles a Madrid

Hai sempre sognato di sposarti in un maestoso Palazzo in pieno centro a Madrid? Vorresti celebrare il tuo gran giorno in Spagna in una meravigliosa location con un meraviglioso belvedere? Se sei una di quelle spose che ha sempre sognato di dirsi il fatidico “si, lo voglio” in uno scenario da favola o stai pensando di celebrare qualsiasi tipo di evento in un luogo unico circondato dal verde e con una grande varietà gastronomica, il Palacio Cibeles è il posto giusto!

Situato al centro della città e vicino alla fontana di Cibeles, questo Palazzo è uno degli edifici più emblematici di Madrid e offre un’infinità di idee per celebrare qualsiasi evento al suo interno o in una delle sue tante spettacolari terrazze. A tal proposito, noi di Perfect Venue, sito web specializzato in location esclusive per celebrare matrimoni in Spagna,ti illustreremo alcuni dei motivi per cui Palacio Cibeles è il miglior luogo della capitale spagnola dove poter festeggiare le tue nozze. Iniziamo!


Le sue spettacolari terrazze

Se c’è qualcosa che caratterizza questo fantastico posto sono le sue meravigliose terrazze. Ne ha diverse, situate al sesto piano, con delle viste mozzafiato di tutta Madrid.  Nei mesi estivi si trasforma nel luogo perfetto per fare aperitivi, cocktail, cene o open bar per matrimoni. Si può, inoltre, riservare o affittare solo una zona interna di queste per usufruire dei suoi servizi.


Posizione eccellente

Quando si organizza o prepara un matrimonio, una tra le tante cose da non sottovalutare è la posizione. È preferibile sempre che il luogo scelto si trovi in una bella zona e in prossimità del centro. Beh, il Palacio Cibeles ha un’ubicazione perfetta!  Questo storico edificio è uno dei pezzi di storia di Madrid e si trova in Plaza de Cibeles, a pochi minuti a piedi da alcune delle zone più centrali della città come Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol o Paseo del Prado.



In molti eventi come matrimoni e cene di lavoro, la gastronomia è fondamentale. Le pietanze saranno sempre uno dei più grandi protagonisti, per questo, Palacio Cibeles offre la migliore varietà e qualità dei suoi prodotti.

Le sue proposte gastronomiche derivano dal rinomato chef Adolfo Muñoz, esperto in gastronomia spagnola. Il ristorante ha una capienza di 100 persone, pertanto, si possono realizzare al suo interno grandi eventi. Inoltre, ci sono molteplici menù a seconda dell’occasione come: aperitivo, cocktail, pranzo, cena  e ,infine, menù adatti anche ai bambini.


Eventi personalizzati

Gli eventi ed i matrimoni a tema ultimamente vanno molto di moda. Per questo, al Palazzo potrete celebrare qualsiasi evento nella maniera in cui l’avete sempre immaginato, scegliendo la tematica o lo stile; e lo staff, per concludere, darà alla vostra cerimonia un tocco unico ed originale.


Catering a seconda dei vostri gusti

La cosa più importante quando si organizza un matrimonio è che tutto sia conforme ai gusti degli invitati e che siate proprio voi a scegliere il catering che preferite. Palacio Cibeles permette a voi stessi di organizzare l’evento con i professionisti che desiderate, solo così l’evento sarà totalmente personalizzato e di vostro piacimento. Vi verrà offerto in esclusiva un ottimo catering e un  Dj, a patto che possiate sempre intervenire con le vostre idee ed i vostri consigli.


Varietà di spazi

Palacio Cibeles dispone di una grande varietà di spazi al suo interno per celebrare qualsiasi tipo di evento, da congressi, riunioni, cene di lavoro e matrimoni a premiazioni e cocktail.  Il Palazzo ha un bellissimo ristorante con delle ampie terrazze dove poter realizzare eventi all’aperto; e il cosiddetto Colección Cibeles, che si può raggiungere a piedi e pensato per il momento dell’aperitivo o dell’afterwork.

Se sei alla ricerca di altre location dove poter celebrare matrimoni a Madrid, o in qualunque luogo della Spagna, visita il sito web Perfect Venue, dove potrai trovare una molteplicità di location di lusso dove poter vivere ed organizzare le nozze dei tuoi sogni!


6 Reasons to get Married in Cibeles Palace in Madrid

Do you dream of celebrating your wedding in a palace right in the center of Madrid? Do you want to celebrate your special day in an impressive setting with views in Spain? If you are one of those who have always wanted to say ‘yes, I do’ in a dream setting or are thinking of celebrating any type of event in a unique place with a wide variety of spaces and gastronomic offers…. Cibeles Palace is your place!

Located in the center of the city next to the famous fountain of Cibeles, this Palace is one of the most emblematic buildings of Madrid, and offers endless possibilities to celebrate any event in its interior or in any of its spectacular terraces. For that reason, at Perfect Venue, a website specialized in exclusive spaces for weddings in Spain, we will detail some of the reasons why Cibeles Palace is the best space in the Spanish capital to celebrate your wedding. Let’s go!


Its impressive terraces

If there’s anything that characterizes this fantastic space it’s the incredible terraces. It has several located on the sixth floor, with stunning views of all Madrid. During the summer months it becomes the ideal place to celebrate an aperitif, cocktail, dinner or the open bar of a wedding. They can be closed exclusively or you can rent only one area within them to enjoy their services.


Unbeatable location

When it comes to organizing or preparing a wedding, one of the fundamental questions is the location. It will always be preferable that the chosen place is in a good area and located near the center of the city. Well, the Cibeles Palace has the perfect location.

This historic building and one of the great hallmarks of Madrid, is located in the Plaza de Cibeles, just a few minutes walk from some of the most central and busy areas of the capital such as Gran Vía, Puerta del Sol or the Paseo del Prado.

Gastronomic Offers

In some events, such as weddings or company dinners, the gastronomic offers are paramount. The food will be one of the main focuses of the night, therefore, Cibeles Palace offer the best variety and highest quality products.

Its gastronomic offers depend on the renowned chef Adolfo Muñoz, winner of Spanish gastronomy and awarded with two Repsol suns. The restaurant has a capacity for more than 100 people meaning that large events can be held inside. In addition, they make menus for lunch, dinner or children as well as for the aperitif or cocktail hour.


Personalized Events

Recently, themed events and weddings are very fashionable. Therefore, in this Palace you can celebrate any activity in the way you had imagined, and choose the theme or style that you like. The urban area where it is located will give a special touch to the event you celebrate in this incredible space located in the center of Madrid.


Suppliers according to your own tastes

The most important thing when organizing a wedding is that everything is to the taste of the guests and that you are the ones who choose the providers you want. For this reason, the Cibeles Palace allows you to organize your event with the professionals you wish, only this way will it be totally personalized and to your taste. They only exclusively offer you exquisite catering and DJ, however, you can always request ideas and advice from professionals.


Variety of Spaces

The Cibeles Palace has a large variety of indoor spaces to celebrate any type of event, from conferences, meetings, work dinners or weddings to award ceremonies or cocktails. The Palace has a spectacular restaurant, spacious terraces where open-air events can be held and the so-called Cibeles collection, located at street level and thinking for a moment about the aperitif or the afterwork.If you want to see more spaces and venues for a wedding celebration in Madrid, or in any other location in Spain, feel free to visit Perfect Venue, where you can see in depth the most luxurious spaces in which to live and plan the wedding of your dreams!


Garda Special Wedding

La stagione estiva è stata ricca di trasferte ed impegni, e non sono riuscita a tenervi aggiornata su tutte le attività e le scoperte che abbiamo fatto quest’anno! Ma non vi preoccupate cercheremo di riprendere le fila del discorso e aggiornarvi su tutto!

Oggi iniziamo dalla nostra trasferta in Villa Bettoni (Gargnano – BS) nella zona del Lago di Garda per scoprire una nuova realtà tutta dedicata al mondo dei matrimoni: Garda Special Wedding.

Cos’è #gardaspecialwedding?

Garda Special Wedding è il primo hub on line di servizi ed eccellenze del Garda dedicati al matrimonio firmato dall’imprenditrice Erica Cappellini.

Nata nel 2017, l’idea era quella di colmare la mancanza di una comunicazione globale del territorio e quindi far conoscere il lago di Garda a tutto il mondo, una meta già molto ambita dai paesi esteri, basta infatti sapere che ultimi anni l’indotto economico che genera il turismo matrimoniale sul lago di Garda è cresciuto fino a raggiungere picchi di circa 19 milioni di euro all’anno di fatturato. (dati sul wedding tourism raccolti da JFC srl)

Attraverso questa Hub si crea un facile strumento per permettere ai futuri sposi di accedere a una selezione di location esclusive e fornitori di alto profilo del territorio anche grazie al richiamo del made in Italy, da sempre sinonimo di gusto, bellezza e di uno stile di vita unico che il mondo intero apprezza e invidia.

La nostra giornata si è svolta come un vero e proprio “Invito a Nozze”, ma quali sono stati gli ingredienti speciali di questa ricetta di nozze?

  • Una location da sogno (Villa Bettoni), maestoso palazzo del XVIII secolo affacciato sul lago e circondato da un caratteristico giardino all’italiana.
  • Una fantastica esposizione di abiti da sposa del Laboratorio Galvan Sposa di Lucia e Stefania situato a Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantova) che hanno incorniciato la monumentale scalinata della villa.
  • Un menu da farmi dimenticare la dieta ferrea che stavo seguendo, servito dalla  cucina dello storico ristorante di Brescia La Sosta, guidata dallo chef Ezio Colombo e dal patron Aldo Mazzolari.  Menù rigorosamente a base di pesce e specialità di Lago.

Abbiamo fatto due chiacchiere con Erica, la fondatrice: “Il portale è stato pensato per le esigenze dei futuri sposi, soprattutto stranieri, che vogliono venire a sposarsi sul lago di Garda in modo che abbiano a disposizione un unico strumento che raccoglie le eccellenze del territorio gardesano. Mi piace rendere le persone felici e il pensiero di aver contribuito a realizzare il loro più grande sogno rende felice anche me!”

Per la sua vocazione internazionale, i contenuti di Garda Special Wedding sono disponibili in 4 lingue: inglese, tedesco, russo e italiano, con una parte attiva di Blog dove si trovano le ultime notizie sul mondo del wedding e del lago di Garda in generale.

Come puoi diventare partner di Garda Special Wedding?

I partner dell’hub sono scelti con cura e devono rispondere a dei criteri ben precisi che si basano sull’alto livello della qualità del servizio, sulla professionalità e sulla correttezza in modo da garantire ai futuri sposi un elevato standard qualitativo e totale fiducia nell’esito positivo del lavoro. Tra le location partner del portale troviamo la l’Isola del Garda, il Vittoriale degli Italiani, la casa-museo più visitata d’Italia, ex dimora del vate D’Annunzio che da poco ha aperto le porte alle unioni civili e tanti altre.

Uno speciale ringraziamento va a tutto il team di Garda Special wedding per questa full immersion gardense, per la buonissima wedding bag che ci hanno omaggiato, un riassunto del percorso eno-gastronomico che Garda Special wedding porta all’interno del portale attraverso prodotti tipici della zona del Lago di Garda come la famosissima Cedrata Tassoni, il vino Lugana, l’olio evo, le confetture di limoni e gelatine di arancia!

E..avendole testate personalmente posso tranquillamente dirvi che la selezione delle eccellenze è stata fantastica! Un saluto e a presto!


The summer season has been full of trips and commitments, and I could not keep you updated on all the activities and discoveries we have made this year! But no worries we will try to update you on everything now!
Today we start of talking about our trip to Villa Bettoni (Gargnano – BS) in Lake Garda area, to discover a new reality entirely dedicated to the world of weddings: Garda Special Wedding.
What is Garda Special Wedding?
Garda Special Wedding is the first online hub of services and excellence of Garda dedicated to the wedding signed by the entrepreneur Erica Cappellini.
Born in 2017, the idea was to fill the lack of a global communication of the territory and therefore to make Lake Garda known all over the world, a destination that is already much sought after by foreign countries, it is enough to know that in recent years the economic that generates matrimonial tourism on Lake Garda has grown to reach peaks of about 19 million euros per year of turnover. (data on wedding tourism collected by JFC srl)
Through this Hub an easy tool is created to allow future spouses to access a selection of exclusive locations and high profile suppliers of the territory thanks to the appeal of the made in Italy, always synonymous of taste, beauty and a style of life unique that the whole world appreciates and envies.
Our day was like a real “Wedding Invitation”, but what were the special ingredients of this wedding recipe?
-A dream location (Villa Bettoni), a majestic 18th century palace overlooking the lake and surrounded by a characteristic Italian garden.
-A fantastic exposition of wedding dresses by  Galvan Sposa laboratory by Lucia and Stefania, located in Castiglione delle Stiviere (Mantua) that framed the monumental staircase of the villa.
-A menu to make me forget the strict diet I was following, served by the cuisine of the historic restaurant of Brescia La Sosta, led by chef Ezio Colombo and the owner Aldo Mazzolari. Menu strictly based on fish and Lake specialties.
We had a chat with Erica, the founder: “The portal was designed for the needs of future spouses, especially foreigners, who want to come and get married on Lake Garda so that they have a single tool that collects the excellence of the territory Garda. I like to make people happy and the thought of helping to realize their biggest dream makes me happy too! “
Due to its international vocation, the contents of Garda Special Wedding are available in 4 languages: English, German, Russian and Italian, with an active part of Blog where you can find the latest news on the world of wedding and Lake Garda in general.
How can you become a partner of Garda Special Wedding?
The hub partners are carefully chosen and must meet precise criteria based on the high level of service quality, professionalism and correctness in order to guarantee the future spouses a high standard of quality and total trust in the positive outcome of the work. Among the partner locations of the portal we find the Isola del Garda, the Vittoriale degli Italiani, the most visited house-museum in Italy, the former home of the Poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, that has  recently opened its doors to civil unions and many others.
A special thank you goes to the Garda Special wedding team for this full immersion among Garda’s beauties, for the delicious wedding bag that we have received, a summary of the eno-gastronomic path that Garda Special wedding brings within the portal through typical products of the area Lake Garda as the famous Cedrata Tassoni, the Lugana wine, the evo oil, the jams of lemons and orange jellies!
And … having tested them personally I can  tell you that the selection of excellence has been fantastic! Greetings and see you soon!
Erica Cappellini
Erica Cappellini: founder of Garda Special Wedding


Oggi mi rivolgo a tutte voi che mi seguite dall’estero, piu’ precisamente da UK e da Londra: ho una notizia davvero interessante per tutte voi!

London Bride Couture, uno dei negozi da sposa e cerimonia piu’ importanti della capitale britannica effettuerà un MEGA VENDITA DI CAMPIONARIO con prezzi da capogiro!

La svendita si terrà a LONDRA, DOMENICA 15 Luglio dalle 11.00 alle 16.00. I prezzi saranno a partire da £95 e saranno disponibili praticamente tutte le taglie a partire dalla 42.

Questa sarà la vostra occasione per accaparrarvi un abiti di famosi designer a prezzi davvero incredibili: Paloma Blanca, Mikaella Bridal, Signature, Yolan Cris and Wtoo, Martina Liana, Lezardi, Watters Millais e molti altri.

Non è necessario l’appuntamento, ma non potrete portare con voi piu’ di due persone, la boutique sarà molto affollata avvisate tutte le vostre amiche in procinto di sposarvi, ve ne saranno grate!

Vi ricordo che ci sarà un solo modello per taglia e che l’acquisto non si cambia e non è rimborsabile o sostituibile.

Se invece preferite fare tutto con calma e fissare un appuntamento classico, potete chiamare da lunedi a domenica dalle 10.00 alle 17.00 lo 020 7821 0404.

Buoni acquisti a tutte!


MEGA SAMPLE SALE: Sunday 15th July 11am – 4pm

Dear friends we will love to inform you that there is an extraordinary sample sale of bridal gown in London!

London Bride Couture will be having a Mega Sample Sale on Sunday 15th July from 11am until 4pm! Prices will be starting from as little as £95 and the available sizes will range from 8 to 18UK.

This is your chance grab a genuine bridal gown from award winning designers, such as Paloma Blanca, Mikaella Bridal, Signature, Yolan Cris, Watters and Wtoo, Martina Liana, Lezardi and many more. If you are lucky, you may be able to get your hands on a beautiful Watters Millais gown originally priced at £2,200 for £895!

No appointment will be necessary (on this day only), therefore this is the perfect event for brides on a budget or for last minute wedding planning!

There will only be one of each gown available at the Mega Sample Sale, and all gowns will be sold as seen and will be non-refundable. We expect it to be very busy, therefore we ask brides to bring no more than two guests each and to arrive early to avoid the queues.

We work on a first come, first serve basis on sale days and unfortunately, we cannot offer full consultations on this day.

If you would prefer to book an appointment, please call us directly on 020 7821 0404 any time on Monday – Saturday from 10am to 5pm.


London Bride Couture

17 Churton Street,
(off Belgrave Road)
A 5 min walk from Victoria & Pimlico tube stations


A Story about Love: the Event

Milano – Sono giorni intensi quelli di giugno, la nostra stagione si è aperta in anticipo con il matrimonio ad Oxford del quale vi racconterò nel prossimo articolo e prosegue con le nozze dei nostri clienti stranieri in Italia, siamo in fermento con gli ultimi ritocchi, ma… voglio trovare il tempo per parlarvi di un progetto a cui tengo molto.

ELISA MOCCI, destination wedding planner di fama internazionale, che come me ha alle spalle 10 anni di lavoro nel settore del wedding, ha deciso di creare un happening semplicemente straordinario!

“A Story about Love” è l’evento che Elisa ha creato per celebrare il suo traguardo decennale, una Masterclass – dedicata alle tecniche della produzione di eventi di lusso e alle emozioni dello storytelling teatrale – che si terrà a Napoli dal 7 al 10 novembre 2018 presso il Teatro Sannazzaro, e che la vedrà accompagnata da un illustre team di esperti internazionali, tra i quali David Beahm, designer del matrimonio di Catherine Zeta-jones e Michael Douglass, Philippa Craddock, flower designer del recente Royal Wedding tra Harry & Meghan, Marie Cruz, planner australiana e vincitrice dell’ ELLE Bridal Award come best wedding planner 2017, e altri ancora.

Un viaggio che vi porterà a scoprire una Storia che parla d’Amore, in un’atmosfera iconica ispirata al Moulin Rouge.

Attraverso l’uso di parole chiave reinterpretate tramite luoghi, fiori, mani, musica, sguardi, ricordi, si delinea la Storia di Elisa, da cui nascono i sogni visionari che si trasformano in realtà.
E poi i colori, il fuoco, la passione, il coraggio per dare spessore alla ricerca dell’eccellenza, alla professionalità, alla capacità e volontà di fare dell’ impossibile il possibile solo per regalare un sogno che dura per sempre.

Uno spettacolo scritto da Elisa Mocci, diretto dal Cast di Elan Artists all’interno di una scenografia iconica creata dagli allievi dell’Academy diretti da Philippa Craddock, Marie Cruz, David Beahm.

A “spectacular spectacular” dinner show dove l’intero ricavato del Gala Dinner Show sarà devoluto in beneficienza alla Onlus creata da Elisa e che finanzierà progetti e borse di studio in ambito artistico, teatrale e musicale destinati a ragazzi e ragazze che sono vittime di bullismo a scuola.

Quando Elisa mi ha illustrato l’evento sono subito stata entusiasta, il concept dell’evento,  la location, gli ospiti internazionali, ma soprattutto il progetto Charity, davvero impossibile mancare!

“WE CAN BE HEROES JUST FOR ONE DAY” è il motto della serata!

Maggiori informazioni qui


Milan: These are intense days in June, our wedding season has already opened in advance with the fabolous wedding in Oxford, which I will talk about in the next articles, and keeps going with our foreign couple’s wedding in Italy. We are unrestly working hard on the finals touches and details, but…I want to find the time to talk about a project that I really care. 

ELISA MOCCI: internationally renowned destination wedding planner, who, like me, has been working for 10 years in the wedding industry, has decided to create a special happening! 

“A Story about love” is the event designed by Elisa to celebrate her ten-year milestone with a masterclass dedicated to the techniques of the production of luxury events and the emotions of theatrical storytelling. It will be held in Naples from the 7th to the 10th of November 2018 at Sannazzaro Theater, also with the presence of an illustrious team of international experts to accompany her with this extraodinary masterclass. We are talking about David Beahm, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglass’ wedding designer, Philippa Craddock, Flower designer of Prince Harry and Meghan’s recent Royal Wedding, Marie Cruz, Australian planner and winner of ELLE Bridal Award as best wedding planner 2017, and many more.

A journey that will take you to discover a Story that talks about love, in an iconic atmosphere inspired by the Moulin Rouge.

Through the use of reinterpreted keywords, through places, flowers, hands, music, glances and memories, Elisa’s History is outlined, from which visionary dreams were born, that trasforms into reality. And then the colors, the fire, the passion, the courage to give depth to the pursuit of excellence, professionalism, ability and willingness to turn the impossible, to possible, just to give a dream that lasts forever. A spectacular show written by Elisa Mocci, directed by the Cast of Elan Artists at an iconic scenography created by the students of the Academy directed by Philippa Craddock, Marie Cruz and David Beahm.

A “spectacular spectacular” dinner show where the entire proceeds of the Gala Dinner Show will be donated to charity to Elisa’s non-profit organization  and which will fund projects and scholarships in the artistic, theatrical and musical fields for boys and girls who are bullied at school.

When Elisa illustrated me the event, I was immediately enthusiastic about it, the concept of the event, the location, the international guests, but above all the Charity project, really impossible to miss it!

WE CAN BE HEROES JUST FOR ONE DAY” is the motto of the evening!
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Lugano Wedding Conference 2017

Sabato 25 novembre 2017, nell’area esposizioni della Fiera sposi di Lugano si terrà la LUGANO WEDDING CONFERENCE: due momenti d’incontro per parlare dei Nuovi Trend 2018 e di Destination Wedding.
L’intento della conferenza è quello di dare piu’ informazione agli sposi per fare scelte piu’ consapevoli e per conoscere meglio il mercato del matrimonio.
  • MERY BELVEDERE di “Mery’s Wedding” wedding planner del Ticino – NUOVI TREND 2018
  • SABRINA GAMBATO di “Ti amo Ti Sposo Weddings” Destination Wedding Planner di Milano – DESTINATION WEDDING E FALSI MITI –
ORE 14.50 LUCA SALA Song Writer
ORE 15.35 DESTINATION WEDDING (Sabrina Gambato)
La celebre stilista americana disegna gli abiti da cerimonia della JLM COUTURE di New York dal 2013 e sin dal suo esordio le damigelle e le invitate di tutto il mondo hanno accolto con entusiasmo le sue collezioni.
La prima cosa che noterete delle collezioni sposa di Hayley è che sono giovani, fresche, femminili e grintose, un po’ come la stilista. Il suo stile frizzante è unico ed inconfondibile. Potete trovare gli abiti della stilista sulle copertine delle piu’ rinomate riviste da sposa internazionali, veste le star hollywoodiane e del mondo dello spettacolo anglosassone.
Sarà presente alla sfilata Ray Lowbridge Direttore commerciale di JLM Couture, la stilista Hayley Paige, ha voluto inviare comunque un suo messaggio personale a tutte le spose svizzere tramite uno short video che sarà trasmesso prima della sfilata.
Come omaggio la stilista ha deciso di far sfilare in chiusura dello show alcuni dei suoi abiti da sposa, di cui il principale, per l’occasione verranno indossati dalla Blogger e modella brasiliana Olivia Gama e da Adriana Pirvu celebre modella internazionale.
Potrete anticipare le vostre domande tramite questa pagina o alle mail e, vi risponderemo durante la conferenza nella parte dedicata alle “Q & A” domande e risposte.
SABATO 25 NOVEMBRE ORE 15.00-16.00
Con il biglietto della Fiera Sposi Lugano accedete gratuitamente all’area eventi per la conferenza e la sfilata.
locandina_lugano conference
JLM Lugano-6JLM Lugano-10JLM Lugano-14JLM Lugano-16JLM Lugano-18JLM Lugano-23JLM Lugano-25JLM Lugano-29JLM Lugano-32JLM Lugano-37JLM Lugano-39JLM Lugano-40JLM Lugano-43JLM Lugano-45JLM Lugano-47JLM Lugano-50
JLM Couture nella persona di Ray Lowbridge;
Influencer: Olivia Gama;
Modelle: Adriana Pirvu Lupoli, Una Kviese, Vera Mokhnatkina
Make up: “Sleepingbeautybyalessandra” di Alessandra Marcucci;
Foto: Andreas Pinacci Photo;
Mery’s Wedding: per averci invitati alla conferenza
Servizi Tecnici: Eventmore SA;
Hair: Michele di Paolo;
Fiera Sposi Lugano