About  the “Ti amo Ti sposo Experience” 

“Ti amo Ti sposo” professional team organizes weddings and events in Italy and Abroad for a demanding international clientele. The Creative Director and Owner, Sabrina Gambato is not simply an experienced planner, she creates a personalized experience for you and your guests.

The team loves to create a story telling behind each wedding: our job is all about authenticity, personalization and emotions. Whether we have an hopeless romantic couple or a diehard humorist one, we are always committed to personalizing both with a contemporary and vintage flair.

We love foreign aesthetic driven couples, stylish travelers, dreamers who want to create something unique for their wedding and give their guests a once in a life experience.
 We love the seabreeze, the mountains, the forests and to realize our customer’s wedding dreams. So, tell us about your vision and we will bring it to life!

Ti amo Ti sposo Weddings is an Award Winning Brand, we have just been featured by Zankyou Weddings Uk among the Best Destination Wedding Planners in Italy

  • 2020 Belief International Awards for “Destination Weddings” and “Cultural Weddings
  • 2018 Winner of Belief International Awards
  • 2017 Honor of the first Italian Wedding Oscars 2017 in Milan as DESTINATION WEDDING PLANNER
  • 2017 has been nominated at the Italian Wedding Awards 2017 in Florence among the three Best Italian Destination Wedding planner & designers.
  • From 2015 to 2018 Matrimonio.com/Weddingwire Wedding Awards winner 

3 risposte a "About"

  1. Che bello! complimenti!
    dev’essere divertente organizzare matrimoni!
    Mi piacerebbe lasciarti un mio curriculum…cosi se cerchi “aiuto” puoi contattarmi 🙂
    Non ho esperienza in questo campo, ma l’entusiasmo non mi manca…

    A presto!

  2. salve o ciao se posso darti del tu. Mi chiamo Antonio, trentanove anni da Trieste. Ho visto il blog. Bellissimo! complimenti per la tua laurea in economia! hai preso 110 e lode? in bocca al lupo per ill tuo blog!


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